Amor Et Melle Et Felle Est Fercundissmus

As we get older, we still continue to grow. Our opinions change, our thought process changes, and the people we enjoy being around change. Tom doesn’t seem to understand this. I’ve always been torn between things that I want in … Continue reading

Income Gap: Explained By White Girl

I’m going to explain the Income Gap for those who don’t understand the large words that are put in any political or economic column.

I’m going to start by talking about the percent of total household wealth was at exactly 100 years ago. In 1915, the top 1% of wealthy families shared about 23% of the wealth in America. Now, fast forward to the 1970’s, the top 1% of wealthy families shared 7% of the American House-Hold Wealth. Guess where we’re at in 2015? We’re back at roughly 23% again.


The question is, is this a problem? And can we fix it?

Economists, Saez and Zucman, show that the amount of wealth that the wealthiest 160,000 families share is equal to the amount that the poorest 145,000,000 families share.They point out that there’s a changing job market. The working class is competing with labor that is cheaper abroad. So say a toy company has the choice between hiring an American Toy Maker at $11 an hour or they could hire a Chinese worker at $0.30 an hour. Also, keep this in mind with the current protests to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. What company is going to continue to hire American workers at $15 an hour when they could hire workers over seas for less than $1 an hour?

So for those who want to buy from American businesses, here’s a list of them by A Continuous Lean.

Then we need to take in account how fast we accumulate debt here in the United States. It’s easy to get a credit card and rack up bills. It’s also easy for a college student to have an almost unpayable amount of student loans. College is expensive, living in general is expensive. Tuition is a big part of the last couple of generations debt. Not every student or former student had their Family’s help in paying for school. I consider myself lucky in this situation. Besides student loans and a rise in tuition, we need to count in another rising debt factor of mortgages and home equity loans. Starting a family and a life with another person is expensive, why do you think our parents always told us to wait to fall in love? Not because we would hurt ourselves at a young age but because we’ll hurt our credit even more.

America needs to stop turning to the government to fix these things. Only we, the people, can do it. Students need to complain to their universities about rising tuition, home buyers need to learn more about the house market values instead of relying on realtors, and consumers need to buy American made products more in order for American laborers to keep their jobs.

Fan Mail

Here is the following message I received from @C_Mohnickey:

“So you’re going to continue to talk shit but what it comes down to it you won’t fucking fight me? How about you put on your blog I’ll be in the fucking pussy you are,

Because I’ve been trying to fight you for the last 3 1/2 four years now and you still have the balls to do it so shut the fuck up. Because I can promise you, you’ll have A bullet hole between your fucking eyes, and your dog will be ran over and its tail shoved up your fucking ass. And oh I thought you were so in love with your husband but clearly you’re not since you want to divorce I’m gonna laugh when he takes everything you fucking have you fucking cunt I hope you burn in hell

And no bitch I’m not abscessed with you and I don’t want your life trust me I have a better life than you do. Your family doesn’t want you around whatsoever your best friend stole my fucking stuff, has faked three pregnancies and now is really pregnant. And she’s also facing jail time along with her boyfriend. 

I can promise you I’ll make your life a living hell so keep talking shit bitch I dear you”

Dear psycho,

You have never tried to fight me. I remember this one time, you were crying because some girl bigger than you was yelling at you and trying to fight you at Sonic. And then we went to your house, where you called abunch of guys to come have your back when a group of people tried to show up to fight you. And then the cops showed up because you called them. You also never went outside after giving the people who tried to fight you, your address. Who’s really the pussy? 

You haven’t been trying to fight me for 4 years. I met you 4 years ago and we talked a few times at school. 3 years ago, we became bffs. 2 years ago, you dropped out and moved away, only to come back which is when you called me to help you get a ride to where you needed to be. Which through out all of our friendship, I have paid for your shit, given you clothes, and gave you rides. I was a really good friend to you. Then a year ago, you decided that you hate me for no reason? I guess that was when I got married and your boyfriend dumped you. So you got mad that I got a ring and you purposely got your boyfriend to hit you. Yes, you are jealous. 

Also, threats are not a good idea. You continue to threaten to do things to me and tell me to kill myself. And then you also make up a lie saying that I told you to kill yourself and that j called the cops on you? I’ve never done that. Stop victimizing yourself. 

You don’t have a better life than me. I got a promotion, I go to a nice university and I’m transferring to Law School, my family loves me very much actually (they send me care packages and pay for my schooling), my husband and I are on different paths at the moment, one day we hope to be back together. My relationship is none of your buisness. I’m not an alcoholic and I don’t pop pills. I drink on weekends. 

I currently do not have a best friend so I do not know who you are talking about but good luck to her. By the way, I remember the pregnancies you faked too. 


Say anything about my dog again, I DARE you. Also, go back to English class. 


Im probably going to get a lot of shit for this one. But someone has to say it. The same victims of bullying are bullies as well. 

Recently in McKinney, Tx, a teen from my former high school committed suicide because he was supposedly bullied. Living in that town, I know how those people are. The same people who harrass people and then finally someone stands up for themselves and the first person thinks of it as them being bullied. They turn them self in to a victim rather than just taking what they originally dished out. 

Instead of claiming to be victim, take it like a person rather than getting hurt by the same person you get hurt. If you can’t say anything nice or the truth then don’t say it at all. 


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. 

Easter Party

I finally convinced my roommate to throw a party with me. Well, she was actually pretty pumped at first. I think it was because of all the confetti eggs and margaritas though. I bought a nice size bottle of tequila, I also made her wear bunny ears so there’s that. Also 90% of my snapchat story from last night was of her ass, so there’s that.



Marriage is sacred only to those who have never been married.